Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Too bad I didn't get to have any barbeque on Memorial Day. My plans with the BF fell through, so I was stuck with a PB&J. But, Memorial Day isn't about BBQ...its about remembering the sacrifices so many men and women have given up to give us our freedoms that we take so much advantage of! So a sincere THANK YOU to all of the wonderful men and women who are doing just that every day.

I did get some sun in though. I had to layout through rain showers every once in a while though, it wasn't too bad.

Getting back in the swing of work today has been hard. However, the workload has been pretty light so that is good.

I just want some rest. The rainy weather here makes me feel like I live in Seattle (or Forks). Where's my sunshine?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's Memorial Day weekend, and I look out the window and see nothing but rain. That's what its gonna be like...until at least next Saturday. It's pretty depressing, and makes me feel moody. Humph, I just need to walk on sunshine!

I went home this morning and visited with the family again. Took a nap. Sat on the porch & listened to the rain. Also got in a little pet therapy...

Random 002

Random 003

Meet Cuddles! She went to the vet today to have 3 teeth pulled and she finally got a bath. She stays outside so its always a treat when she gets to play inside. She is an total sweetheart. I could never get the flash right...so she kind of looks scary. 45 pounds of wrinkles!

I want to do something fun tonight. Just don't know what. Maybe there are some local bands rocking out tonight. Hmmm...we shall see.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yay! (sarcastically). I was greeted home with a sheet of paper informing us that our water bill will now include sewage. Who knows how much of an increase this will be. I especially like the line " we know our residents have enjoyed low water bills over the past year, but do know that now it will increase" Awesome.

I'm getting excited about a long weekend with Memorial Day added to the off days. I don't have any major plans, just knowing that I can do what I want to do is enough to satisfy.

You should know that when I get bored, I sometimes throw together very random projects. Starfish are a popular accent to summer decor. I grabbed some and literally went 'haywire'. It turned out looking very unusual, but I really really like it. And, as always, it looks muchos better in person...

Random 007


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can You Guess This Picture?

Random 003

If you guessed a dryer, you are only partially right. This is a fire hazard! Last night I went in the washroom to dry my towels. The room was over 100 degrees. Mind you, the dryer had not even been turned on once yesterday. The top of the dryer was blazing...and I mean blazing hot! I totally freaked. I had to unplug with a quickness. Not sure why it is acting insane. I am not thrilled, because now I'm back to square one. No dryer {hence all the towels & two mismatched socks [go figure] on top}. Poop.

Oooo...Ooooo I haven't shown you my washer/dryer room yet. Forgive the mess...I did have a fire hazard fiasco remember?

Random 004

Uh huh, notice the towel hanging to dry on the left. Hmm, also the unused crockpot on the shelf. I need to break that Mac Daddy out soon! Ohhhh and a shelf on the bottom rack! Man, I'm just now realizing how much unused stuff we have piling up in there!

Random 005

Just to show you other other side of the room. Nice shelving above the washer/dryer...or should I just say washer and other useless appliance?

Y'all, this room is massive! I love it. Its still not totally organized. This is really just a catch all for now. Yep, we are still settling in. I just love the space!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunchbreak: What not to Wear

Because I somewhat live out of a suitcase, I can sometimes forget things. Socks, deodorant, you name it. Since there is not a second chance to change my getup or to pick out what is missing from the closet...I just wing it. Now to show you how not to dress for work:

Random 002

First and foremost, it is not appropriate to accidentally wear an early 90's crop top. This shirt, my dear friends, requires a tank top undershirt...which I clearly forgot. The good news is that I noticed this first thing and can keep my shirt pulled down. This picture was taken on my lunchbreak and I was able to let it all "hang out".

Second, the grandpa golf pants...? Really? Although I can not lie, I big valentines day heart love and hug these pants! Believe it or not, they get both compliments & snarls. Oh well, its the first thing I grabbed on the fly.

Thank goodness I am back home now and will throw on an undershirt to keep my belly button under wraps at work.

Did I just say "lunchbreak" earlier? Take a look at my options for this so called lunchbreak:

Random 001

Options include, celery (found in the yellow tub), water (filtered, thank God), and old leftover veggies. Grocery shopping time...I think so!

Which I need to send my most favoritest roomie a shout out...the mint tea {above} is absolutely phenominal! Not so much alongside the tuna and crackers I whipped up to inhale...but still...super delicious!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Matters? A Family Weekend

The rain is making me completely waterlogged. It has been soggy almost non-stop for about a month. I couldn't help but notice the sun peeking out of the clouds at 8 o'clock tonight {so much for that nice bronze I wanted} To top it off, it is going to be 40 degrees in the morning. Alabama = hot muggy May weather...not the crispy cool and breezy winter. Kinda hard to get used too when its been in the high 80's over the last few weeks.

This weekend has been pretty productive for me. I was able to spend lots of needed time with my family. We laughed at each other {wait, isn't it supposed to be with each other?} cooked, had girlie time with my mom - which included bubbly in the hottub. I also visited with my Aunt, Uncle, & cousins {who just had the most precious little baby boy, Kutler} and I saw my grandparents.

Let me show you the baby!!! Isn't he just adorable...with his big lips & butt chin?

Family 001

Family 002

Family 003

And of course, my wonderful grandparents...

I really love the way Mammaw looks really perplexed in the picture...like she isn't sure what a camera is supposed to do & that she is not in the least bit amused that this moment would be captured. Loves & hugs her!

Family 004

My Pappaw & me! I'm sitting in the new recliner that was supposed to replace the one he's in. He wouldn't have it...he says he is "loyal" to his old one. Even though the bolts are coming lose and the leg rest is about to fall off. Guess he will switch to the new one when the other one hits the floor! Yeah, and I like the way I'm totally cheesing as if I have never been on camera before. Resting my head in my hand as if I'm posing for a glamour shot. Truth is...its Sunday...and I don't like to do anything on Sunday...even if that means holding my head up without additional support.

Family 005

Oooo Oooo....and to end the evening I worked my body into sheer exhaustion at the gym. I completed 45 minutes of cardio on the tredmill & then pumped it up with some free weights. {I know I said I don't like to do anything on Sunday, but that doesn't mean I really don't do anything, now} I told you I was going to marry the tredmill didn't I? Well, if I didn't then there it is. The truth is out!

Aaah, I really do think I should soak in the bath now. Then New Moon is calling my name!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Nood (or is it nude?)

And so I woke up this morning and saw myself naked. Me. Uncensored, no longer hiding underneath the lies of clothing. I noticed that my 24 {nearing 25} year old body doesn't quite look at cutsie as my 16 hot bod. Saddle bags, cellulite, lumps, and wide hips. Good morning it yelled into my face! Yuk!


So this is why I am putting myself through sheer torture these past two weeks. One hour of cardio a day - no less! 10 minutes uphill on the bike, 25 total minutes of running, and the rest walking at lightning speed at various {agoraphobic heights} for the rest! Um, this better pay off...quick!

My best friend, also know as apple ipod gets me though it. It's my ultimate jam!

The infamous playlist....


You Shook Me All Night Long

She's Country

My Humps

Don't Trust Me

Smack That

Boom Boom Pow

So you ask how in the world would those total an hour? Puhleeze, you know I have to hear My Humps and Boom Boom Pow over and over again to make it up those hills!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

La Pool

One thing I did forget to mention...sometimes it's easy to fill time when this is the view right outside your apartment door :-)


The pool is FABULOUS!

Memo Board Project

We don't have cable. We're gonna see how the first month or two goes and then decide if we will be graced with the gift of television. Until then, we have to be creative with filling our time. So....

A memo board was donated to the "Moving Cause" that works perfectly in the office.

Jamie 102

I had some leftover fabric from a curtain panel, a few embellishments, & a hot glue gun so I did this...

Jamie 103

Jamie 104

Sassy! :-)


Thank goodness I follow the Nester's blog. I needed curtains to cover the 96inch window in the sunroom. It takes at least 5 panels to cover this lovely window. I knew curtains were not cheap, but I couldn't fathom spending $150 just for curtains. Should I buy fabric & sew them? Should I forget it and have a power bill that will never get paid? What should I do?! Mistreat?.....I think so.

Looks pretty open {Apparently I don't know how to work a flash}

Jamie 098

And pretty up close

Jamie 099

AND pretty closed

Jamie 101


  • Ring Clips
  • 2 flat bedsheets of your favorite colors - cut down the middle
  • 1 panel that I found on sale that matched perfectly - cut down the middle
  • Embellishments {as you can see hand sewn on the pink panel}

Total Cost...$30 and that makes me smile :)