Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunchbreak: What not to Wear

Because I somewhat live out of a suitcase, I can sometimes forget things. Socks, deodorant, you name it. Since there is not a second chance to change my getup or to pick out what is missing from the closet...I just wing it. Now to show you how not to dress for work:

Random 002

First and foremost, it is not appropriate to accidentally wear an early 90's crop top. This shirt, my dear friends, requires a tank top undershirt...which I clearly forgot. The good news is that I noticed this first thing and can keep my shirt pulled down. This picture was taken on my lunchbreak and I was able to let it all "hang out".

Second, the grandpa golf pants...? Really? Although I can not lie, I big valentines day heart love and hug these pants! Believe it or not, they get both compliments & snarls. Oh well, its the first thing I grabbed on the fly.

Thank goodness I am back home now and will throw on an undershirt to keep my belly button under wraps at work.

Did I just say "lunchbreak" earlier? Take a look at my options for this so called lunchbreak:

Random 001

Options include, celery (found in the yellow tub), water (filtered, thank God), and old leftover veggies. Grocery shopping time...I think so!

Which I need to send my most favoritest roomie a shout out...the mint tea {above} is absolutely phenominal! Not so much alongside the tuna and crackers I whipped up to inhale...but still...super delicious!

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Joanna said...

I must say you should def go shopping!!

I love those plaid pants too!