Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Raw Deal...Move In Day

OK, so the last post showed the outcomes. But how in the world did all that stuff get up ALL those stairs? Well....5 girls, 1 boy, a 16 foot trailer, two truck fulls, and 3 car full of boxes. Yep, me and Jamie and the one boy brought all the furniture up 4 flights. The others helped immensely. We unloaded everything the first day. Repeat. The first day! OMG, it was the hardest day I've ever had. BUT WELL WORTH IT! Not a lot of pics were taken of the action, but we did get a few snapshots.

Exhausted, but adamant about everything being done by daylight.

Jamie 012

The tornado.

Jamie 034

Ahhh, still making sure we have friends, drinks, and fun!

Apartment 021


Jamie 014

If it weren't for Mike we wouldn't have one piece of furniture together!

Jamie 040

Day after - that's where I stayed all day. Deathly on the shag rug.

Jamie 057

It was all finally coming together the first night. I'm sure the neighbors loved us hanging pictures at midnight.

Jamie 044

My bigtime helper and new Best Friend :)

Jamie 065

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Settled! The Apartment tour

Take a deep breath! We are finally in! I want to take you on a tour of what I have so far in the apartment. I'm sure things will be moved around a million times :) In the meantime, I am totally content with things just out of boxes and up 4 flights of stairs!

The dining room. Mine and my roomies first romantic dinner ha!

Apartment 023


Apartment 027 

This is the view once through the entry way. Kitchen to the far left, living room & sunroom.

Apartment 029

Closeup of living room! (I made those pillows of course!)

Apartment 030

Sunroom. Love having a bookshelf & my roomies super cute Sips & Strokes painting.

Apartment 031

The the sunroom area.

Apartment 032

TV :)

Apartment 033

My bedroom...very similar to my old room.

Apartment 034

My vanity for getting ready. It is in my bedroom right outside the bathroom!

Apartment 035

The bathroom!

Apartment 036

Apartment 037

Apartment 038

A random decor corner in the living room

Apartment 039

The kitchen!

Apartment 040

Oh, there will be more! This is just all I could get in on my lunchbreak today!

I LOVE IT HERE! Its finally feeling like home!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apartment Dweller

*James Bond music playing* I have been missing in action. Life has been crazy. I have been stocking up on everything (EVERYTHING) needed to start a home. Is an apartment really a home? Well duh...sure it is :)

Wanna see a few shots of  the new place?

Front door - entryway

Apartment 001


Apartment 002

Living room & Sunroom

Apartment 003


Apartment 004

OK, so there's not pictures of everything yet. Consider this a sneek peak {in the dark apparently}

Now for a completed super-cheap project!

That my friends, is "project board" from the Dollar Store {yep, it was just a dollar!} Along with fabric that I heart.

Apartment 005

That's chocolate & rust colored print

Apartment 008

Tada! An easy way to add big color to any wall! Its not going to go over the couch - I'm thinking I'm going to add it to the wall in the entryway along with other goodies.

Apartment 006

The BEST part....the project cost a whopping $4!