Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apartment Dweller

*James Bond music playing* I have been missing in action. Life has been crazy. I have been stocking up on everything (EVERYTHING) needed to start a home. Is an apartment really a home? Well duh...sure it is :)

Wanna see a few shots of  the new place?

Front door - entryway

Apartment 001


Apartment 002

Living room & Sunroom

Apartment 003


Apartment 004

OK, so there's not pictures of everything yet. Consider this a sneek peak {in the dark apparently}

Now for a completed super-cheap project!

That my friends, is "project board" from the Dollar Store {yep, it was just a dollar!} Along with fabric that I heart.

Apartment 005

That's chocolate & rust colored print

Apartment 008

Tada! An easy way to add big color to any wall! Its not going to go over the couch - I'm thinking I'm going to add it to the wall in the entryway along with other goodies.

Apartment 006

The BEST part....the project cost a whopping $4!

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