Saturday, March 21, 2009

We found one!

We met with a lady who was an apartment consultant today! It was wonderful. She really made the search process easy, and the best part it was free. I told her the price range, exactly what we were looking for, and she put the day together. She researched all of the specials and knew our style so well that she picked the best apartments for us to see. That saved us SO much wasted time.

We found one that we are in LOVE-LOVE with. It is perfect. The residents are our age, the inside of the apartment is very unique - perfect size, vaulted ceilings, HUGE closets. It is fabulous.

It has a movie theatre, tennis courts, and a pool (with palm trees and Cabana boys). It literally felt like I was on vacation the moment I walked up to the place.

We have to make a decision fast though...and I think we are going to put in our reserve tomorrow. This is scary and exciting all at the same time.

Raman noodles for supper every night :) But it will be worth it!


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