Sunday, February 1, 2009

February: For Love & Money

February is the month for me to get my finances in order. Right now it is a train wreck. Truth is...I have no budget & no limit. I'm a slacker & I am gonna go ahead and shoot straight with you. By carelessly keeping track of my money flow - I am setting bad habits that could really hurt me in the future. This is going to stop...right now.

My GOAL: To only spend $100 a week. This is to include food, gas, misc fun. Everyone's situation is different. I hate to put a number on it - but I just have to. I am allotting myself a Benjamin per week.

I sat down and figured out my spending from January. I cringed as I was looking at my swiping. This month was a little different because of my vacation. The good news is that the money spent on it should automatically go to my savings account this month (which will be nice).

Now, I am to get an apartment soon - so my bills and due outs will significantly increase. 

No questions, the misc. area is going to have to decrease immediately.

The rules are simple...

1. Every Sunday I will withdraw $100 cash out of my account ( I NEVER carry cash which is mistake numero uno)

2. I will not go into Wal Mart unless it is a serious emergency. If I do...I CAN NOT buy anything.

3. Groceries will be bought carefully. I am not a coupon clipper - but if I see something I must have then I will.

4. All toiletries will come from the Dollar store. Anything from dishwashing to toilet paper can be found there. No excuses.

5. I will transfer all unused funds weekly to my savings account.

6. I will save all receipts for reporting purposes.

OK, so most people may already do these things, but since I do not have a lot of bills to pay - it is really easy to not pay attention to the details. I am entirely too old to be acting like this!

What kind of financial goals do you set?