Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can You Guess This Picture?

Random 003

If you guessed a dryer, you are only partially right. This is a fire hazard! Last night I went in the washroom to dry my towels. The room was over 100 degrees. Mind you, the dryer had not even been turned on once yesterday. The top of the dryer was blazing...and I mean blazing hot! I totally freaked. I had to unplug with a quickness. Not sure why it is acting insane. I am not thrilled, because now I'm back to square one. No dryer {hence all the towels & two mismatched socks [go figure] on top}. Poop.

Oooo...Ooooo I haven't shown you my washer/dryer room yet. Forgive the mess...I did have a fire hazard fiasco remember?

Random 004

Uh huh, notice the towel hanging to dry on the left. Hmm, also the unused crockpot on the shelf. I need to break that Mac Daddy out soon! Ohhhh and a shelf on the bottom rack! Man, I'm just now realizing how much unused stuff we have piling up in there!

Random 005

Just to show you other other side of the room. Nice shelving above the washer/dryer...or should I just say washer and other useless appliance?

Y'all, this room is massive! I love it. Its still not totally organized. This is really just a catch all for now. Yep, we are still settling in. I just love the space!

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Joanna said...

Oh wow! Did you find out what was wrong with it??

Girl, you should so TOTALLY do up that room like some of the other blogs out there. Some of their laundry rooms look AMAZING!