Friday, May 22, 2009


Yay! (sarcastically). I was greeted home with a sheet of paper informing us that our water bill will now include sewage. Who knows how much of an increase this will be. I especially like the line " we know our residents have enjoyed low water bills over the past year, but do know that now it will increase" Awesome.

I'm getting excited about a long weekend with Memorial Day added to the off days. I don't have any major plans, just knowing that I can do what I want to do is enough to satisfy.

You should know that when I get bored, I sometimes throw together very random projects. Starfish are a popular accent to summer decor. I grabbed some and literally went 'haywire'. It turned out looking very unusual, but I really really like it. And, as always, it looks muchos better in person...

Random 007


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Joanna said...

Ok...that is really cute!

Honey, your water bill will always be lower then ours...Ours includes sewage...And lets just say that they charge twice as much for it as they do water! It's insane!