Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's Memorial Day weekend, and I look out the window and see nothing but rain. That's what its gonna be like...until at least next Saturday. It's pretty depressing, and makes me feel moody. Humph, I just need to walk on sunshine!

I went home this morning and visited with the family again. Took a nap. Sat on the porch & listened to the rain. Also got in a little pet therapy...

Random 002

Random 003

Meet Cuddles! She went to the vet today to have 3 teeth pulled and she finally got a bath. She stays outside so its always a treat when she gets to play inside. She is an total sweetheart. I could never get the flash she kind of looks scary. 45 pounds of wrinkles!

I want to do something fun tonight. Just don't know what. Maybe there are some local bands rocking out tonight. Hmmm...we shall see.

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Joanna said...

Loving me some Cuddles! She is a sweetheart!

OMG...I can not believe the way he was acting. Seriously!