Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just the Usual

Do you ever just feel like the regular "daily grind" is almost undoable? I am feeling exhausted. Because of what? Showing up to work from 8-5, working out afterwards, & doing daily chores? Now, it is a full day no doubt - but I'm trying to figure out why it totally exhausts me. Maybe because it is endless & I see no light at the end of the tunnel? Imagine throwing a family in the mix. Really. Really think about that. Yesterday I went to work, exercised for about 45 minutes, ate supper, took a shower, cleaned up (kitchen, laundry, bathroom) and I finally took a seat at 9:45. Wide open! So that's Monday through Friday. Over & over again. Weekends are normally spent catching up on errands not able to complete during the week with a little relaxation thrown in there. And then there it is...Monday again!

Now I just got to my apartment on lunchbreak. I have 15 minutes to scarf down (pre-made) tuna and crackers. Then I have to put my shoes back on and finish out the day.

However, all of the above complaining is due to being really blessed. I do have a job, I do have a place to live that requires upkeep, and I am being healthy by working out. Apparently blessings do take a lot of work. A lot of patience. A lot of sacrafice. "There's no such thing as a free lunch!" Ha, remember that? Hmmm, isn't that about the economy? Thinking back to highschool. I should brush up on my skills. If I'm going to quote something - I need to remember what it's about. Duh!

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