Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fire Alarm

A few nights ago around 11:00, my boyfriend and I heard a really loud buzzer going off outside my apartment door. We quickly realized it was the fire alarms going off. It makes sense to us to run down (4 flights of stairs) to the bottom – as a precaution that there may be a fire right? We were the only ones in the parking lot. Daniel (my boyfriend) looked around to see if he saw a fire. I didn’t see or smell anything either. I only smelled sweet honeysuckle. We went back upstairs. After about 25 minutes of alarms we thought the fire department (which is literally right across the street) would have come to the rescue. No such luck. By this time there were about 15 people downstairs so we made yet another trip down the stairs thinking that maybe there really was something to be concerned about. Nope. Someone must have pulled it as a joke. We called 911 because the fire department still didn’t show up and we wanted the alarms to stop so we can get some sleep. Its two days later….still a no show. However, the “alarm guy” did fix it. All I gotta say is…thank God there wasn’t an emergency, cause the building would have burned all the way to the ground.


Joanna said...

Oh wow! That totally sucks...I would so take that up with the manager of the building...What's your firefighter man think of that???

Joanna said...

Hey girl...I tagged you! Come over and see what to do!