Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Timeline

I really do not know what possesed me to do this today...but I did. Every once in a while I would just type the time & what I was doing at that moment. I finished up prior to the end of the work day because I needed to use the last hour and a half to really crank it out & get all caught up for the weekend. So, have fun with this totally random post!

8:00am – Arrived to work at 8, fixed a cup of Joe (French Nilla) and a cup full of dates & walnut oatmeal {yummy}

8:15am Went to my managers desk to pound knuckles {this is something that we do every single morning} and update each other on what’s going on in our life.

8:20am – Listened to everyone around me discuss Doctor’s visits, how terrible they feel, and who they are blaming for getting sick. Ran to the end of the isle and covered my hands in sanitizer.

8:30am – Talked about my co-worker about her weekend plans in Chicago. Its her first plane ride & it is a work trip. Should be fun, it’s a Rugby game! I gave the 411 on what to expect while traveling.

8:42am – Got my first text from Daniel & announced to a co-worker that someone should have “kicked my butt” for not majoring in Spanish.

9:11am – Another co-worker has a tummy virus, came to work today anyway because she only has one sick day left. Discussed calories & weight with my boss, refilled coffee, stopped at the end of the isle and covered my hands in sanitizer again.

9:25 – Saw a funny name…”Najwa”

9:47 – Talked to a Soldier, asked for his number so I could call him back – then he asked if I was married. He said he was, but he didn’t want his wife to find out about us.

10:05 – “It is what it is” that’s the second time someone said that quote to me this week. It’s actually a very powerful statement. Not everything in one’s life can be controlled.

10:21 – Just found out its National Doughnut Day! Yummy!

11:22 – Discussing boys with a friend. When is enough, enough?

12:45 – Returned from lunchbreak, ate frosted flakes, almost ran over a guy in a blue shirt, got stuck behind a Merita truck going 10mph.

1:08 – The sound of a ringing phone is making think I’m losing my mind. And I’m considering getting prescribed prozac.

1:32 – Bought a pack of gum today only because it said “uber” bubblegum on it. Smacking on a piece now. Tingly good!

2:03 – Had to encourage a friend to respond to a handsome, lawyer met on an online dating site.

2:20 – “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” -TNSTAAFL- The "free lunch" referred to in the acronym relates back to the once-common tradition of saloons in the United States providing a "free” lunch to patrons who had purchased at least one drink. TANSTAAFL, on the other hand, indicates an acknowledgment that in reality a person or a society cannot get "something for nothing". Even if something appears to be free, there is always a cost to the person or to society as a whole even though that cost may be hidden or distributed. For example, you may get complimentary food at a bar during, but the bar owner bears the expense of your meal and will attempt to recover that expense somehow. Some goods may be nearly free, such as fruit picked in the wilderness, but usually some cost such as labor or the loss of food for local wildlife is incurred (wikipedia).

2:28 – What does “Rocket Man” by Elton John mean? It’s on the radio. I just don’t understand.

3:03 – Researched Homes for Our Troops and am considering having a yard sale and donating proceeds to the cause.

3:39 – Realized that I better quit documenting and go ahead and post.


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Steve said...

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for looking into Homes for Our Troops. We are building 30 accessible homes all over the country for our injured vets and give them the new home for free.

We just wanted to let you know that we have a project in Trussville, AL.

Here is the link for SSG Scot Noss an injured veteran and his wife that we are helping in AL.

Thanks again