Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nashvegas Here We Come

My vacation doesn't feel like a vacation at all! I still feel strung out - and that I haven't gotten enough R&R. That's how it goes though. It has still been wonderful & much needed.

Christmas was wonderful. I got a cute chest, digital camera, GPS, athletic wear, starbucks coffee mug, ipod speakers, and a little cash. We are so very blessed.

Now, why aren't there any pictures? Because I am foolish and did not bring my NEW candy apple red beauty out not one time. What is wrong with me?

Today, I am washing clothes and packing for our fun girls trip to Nashville to bring in the New Year. I can NOT wait! 2009 here I come!

I will be taking pictures to make up for my slacking over the holidays so just get ready...there's no telling what you are going to see :)

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