Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Week in Words

What a crazy-crazy week. Getting over my sickness has been tough. Work has been outrageous and exhaustion has filled my veins. My computer was infected with viruses and spyware, too. I just got it back today. Thanks to George Duba's interuption to America's Got Talent last night - I have been freaked out about this whole economy-recession buzz. I really wasn't worried about it until last night. I know gas prices are high, and interest rates stink...but I just thought people were panicking and the economy really wasn't doing THAT bad. There are still 'We're Hiring' signs and people are still spending money frivously. But, aparently this bailout plan the Government speaks about will help "banks in your community" not fail. YIKES. This doesn't sound good. I guess we shall hear more tomorrow. Now's a good time for me to share:
I am malnourished. My small budget doesn't allow me to buy real food regularly. Which is why I had to eat a plate of freezer dried french fries last night. It has me weak and hungary. I was able to find some chicken legs on sale for $2 while supper's in the oven.
The car is giving me trouble again. It sounds sick - and people keep asking me what's wrong with her. I don't know, but it sounds bad...really bad. And I sure hate putting money into a POS car that STILL isn't paid off.
Tomorrow is Friday THANK GOD. I will have some more MUCHO needed time to recover. Rest, relaxation, laziness, P.J.s, and chill. Just what weekends are for.

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Joanna said...

The economy is horrible. In my opinion the bail out plan was stupid. Because they paid to help banks out, when you think about the amount of money that will be used to help them and the number of people in the US. They could have given a check to everybody to help them. I think Wall Street is a joke. Really, why have stocks? Only rich people have stocks, or employees of companies have stock because it was given to them. We can't afford to put money into stocks. Anyways. I hope you start to feel better! As for the advice with food. It's very high. We spend bare minimum for our family of 4. We spend about $130 every two weeks. Which isn't that much really. So, I know that if we can spend that little on the four of us, you can do it! If you want to know what a typical grocery list is for us, I will share...That way you can get some ideas on food that is cheap! : ) I hope you feel better soon! It sucks to be sick and weak.