Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laugh at Life's Realities

I'm at home sick again today. Mycoplasma (walking pneumonia) has taken me over once again. The Dr. says I might as well get used to it...because it is going to continue to happen. However, this was after he said if he ever found a cure for a disease; instead of naming it "huuuck habba asdlkjf's disease" that no one will remember or no one would care who the founder was...he would name it "sick dude's disease" or "butt fungus disease" so it wouldn't be forgotten. Hmmmm? Apparently, I am a likely target for this and have suffered with it for years. Blah. Of all the things. I am considering researching if this bug to see if it is a problem in other counties and I seriously may need to move further away. Aside from that - I will be resting up this weekend and being lazy. I will leave you with a wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss {something to think about}:

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Joanna said...

Oh girl...That sucks! I hope your feeling better soon! ((hugs))