Friday, March 6, 2009

I am Alive

Oh my gosh. This feels good. I just got a computer battery in the mail FINALLY and have internet access. I have realized that in the year 2009, it is almost...absolutely, positively, necessary to have internet access. I have felt obsolete & out of the loop for what...a month now?

I wanted to post and announce that I am alive.

My last post announced that February was a month of financial discipline. It was actually doable. Very hard and very limited though.

It was easy to keep a budget with cash. Every Sunday I retrieved my allowance from the atm & could only use it to buy food & entertainment. This kept me in check because when I was out...I was out.

I also quit contributing to my 401K (not cool but necessary), and reduced my student loan payments.

March must come in like a lion. Already I haven't used cash once, and caught walking pneumonia. I spent over $200 on meds and insurance copay. Also bought some summer sundresses and a flat screen tv (oops!).

A surprise this paycheck is that not as much was taken out of my paycheck for taxes because of Obama's plan. So that was really sweet :)

Lets just hope I get back on track and March goes out like a lamb!

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