Thursday, January 29, 2009

Role Reversal?

female-symbolRelationships & love. I had a strange feeling the other day that was sparked while I was browsing through Books-a-Million. Quite honestly, it was very eye opening & gave me a burning sensation at the pit of my belly. I don't know what that feeling was - but it was there.

I was looking for inspirational, introspective reads when I noticed the relationship section. I scanned over some of the topics to see if any applied or was interesting to me. All but one...yes ONE was targeted to females. How to make your man happy, why being single rocks, how to approach men, why men love bitches, how to throw your body into a pretzel to make your man smile, why men don't pay attention, how to trick your man into proposing, why men love xbox & not you...and so on & blah blah blah.

Please tell me why women are the ones always searching for love & acceptance. We always feel hurt, upset, less than wanted, too fat, not good enough.

What is the answer? Have we made it a cultural acceptance to be the ones left out? In this moment I kind of think so. I think its time for a role reversal. I don't have the answers or even the questions...all I know is I had a weird feeling that made me sad, angry, and disappointed all at the same time so I thought I would share!


Sherri said...

Well,for one thing,I think alot of women have it in their heads that to be happy,they have to have a man....I made a new blog and Joanna made the cute design.I found the picture for the header and she did such a great job on the whole thing.Here's the link if you want to link to me:)

Joanna said...

I just can't believe that there aren't more books for men. But then again, you know they aren't like women when it comes to self help. They don't want to ask for directions, so surely they don't want to get advice on relationships and helping themselves. It's just they are pig headed, that's the reason! : )