Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Happenings

A week of looking for my fabulous pink camera is proven unsuccessful. How am I going to make it without her? And where could she be hiding? I have looked in every drawer, under ever car seat, in every purse, on ever visible surface, & consulted all of my personal contacts. What have I found...nothing, zilch, zip, nada, ness! I am upset - and I guess will have to splurge on another one either today or tomorrow. My camera phone is awesome - but I don't have an SD card to transfer my photos, and truthfully I don't really like using it on a regular basis.

Today is the SEC Championship football game Bama vs. FLA aBamat the Georgia Dome. Kickoff 1500. This will be a tuff game - but I still think BAMA is going to pull through. We are having gator tails as part of our gametime menu! That has to be good for something, right? It is the first time in a LONG time that Bama has had an undefeated season & it has really been rocking our world. All 4 million dollars for a good coach has finally paid off. Plus the recent firing (or "resigning".... Puhleeze) of AU Coach Tuberville gave me a good laugh! 

Also, I will be putting up the THIRD Christmas tree for the season - mine, my boyfriends, & now my Grandparents! I just can't get enough :)

My blog postings have been scarce because I have been so busy. I'm still here - and still doing well. It's just not as easy some weeks to log onto this thing! I'll try to do better....promise!

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Joanna said...

I hate to hear about your baby....I know that I freaked when I lost mine a few months ago...Luckily we found her. Did you get a new one yet?

That is so great to put up all those trees! I want a gigantic house someday where I put up 4 or 5 trees!

Oh and Bama played a good game Saturday...It was one of the better games that FL has played in a long time.