Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My New Friend Mildred

Alas! After hours of waiting - I have a new friend...Mildred. She is candy apple red and is direct descendant of Kodak EasyShare. I just got her home and charged her brand new lithium ion battery and took a few snaps. A beaut I tell ya! Ok, so I have a few things that I have been meaning to post about:

First, I ventured into unknown territory a few weeks ago. Me vs. the sewing machine. I made my first pillows and am so proud!








I made these to go in the new future apt. The checked big ones will go on the couch, and the green will go wherever I feel the need to throw them. Until now, I don't have anywhere to put them...so I figured I wanted to enjoy the view with a new look for the bed!

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