Saturday, December 13, 2008

Frame Makeovers

I told you that I went almost physcho on purchasing frames from the thrift shop didn't I? Well... I did. A few weekends ago I spray painted all of the frames. I don't have a before picture because I couldn't find my camera at that time. Lets just say it was not a pretty sight. The frames were in every pastel, dusty color imaginable and the prints that came with them were everything from cowboy boots, to styrofoam, to little fishies.

I wanted to give them a make over - so I picked out a rusty red & jade spray paint and went to town. Then, I found some scrapbook paper and rub ons that I liked and filled the frame for a little spunk. The good thing is...the prints can be changed at any time with little hassle.

Picture 012

Picture 013

Picture 014

Picture 015

Picture 017

Picture 018

Picture 020

Aaaahhh, now were talkin'!

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Joanna said...

Oh my good grief, girl you have been crafting! They look fabulous and I love the ones on the wall with the barn stars...Oh so pretty!