Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life is good?

Life has been good here lately. Not a lot has changed - no big projects - no drama - just the usual. And sometimes that is just fine with me. I have been able to enjoy relaxation, exercise, and fun.

I am apartment searching again. Anyone who had visited my old blog may remember my search last year. Unsuccessful. Now it is up again.

5 pounds have been dropped. I guess my exercise and diet are working. I'm getting ready for a fun time in Nashvegas for New Years. My best friend and I are going to bring it in right this year. Last years didn't cut the mustard. Maybe that's why this year had many downs for us both! Not this year baby! It's going to be all good.

I've been on a second date with last weeks blind date. This is actually the first time in a long time that I have felt sparks with someone - so it is exciting!

Work is crazy, as usual. A little more crazy this week, but that's ok.

Other than that its been a cruise. I will have a lot of fun posts in the upcoming future. I've found a lot of great DIY projects that you will fall in love with. All going to the new apartment :)

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