Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone! We had a dress up day at work, so it was a lot of fun. Here's me as a cavegirl...

Halloween 005

and here was my super-easy treat I decided to bring...

Halloween 001

Yum. Why waste time making caramel apples for an office full of folks when you can just let them dip it themselves :) Cute pumpkin bowl huh? Already on sale in stores as the holiday is coming to a close. Get 'em while there hot!

Have a safe & fun night!



Joanna said...

Awesome costume! Zack said he was gonna call Geico to get in touch with that cave man....He said that the blonde doesn't suite him the way you would! : ) Love ya girl!

Happy Halloween.

Daphine said...

Great costume! You looked fabulous!