Friday, September 5, 2008

Touch My Screen

I have entered the world of touchscreen cell phones, and must admit that I love-love it! I switched carriers from AT&T to Verizon - and picked up this beautiful treat. This is the LG Dare. It works similar to an iPhone as far as some things go. It does not require a data plan {if you do not care to log onto websites and receive e-mails} where with the iPhone you HAVE to have a data plan. This could mean upwards of $100 per month just to have the thing. I opted out...and just have cell service {but I can still get ringtones & text} for my normal monthly pay.

AT&T would have kept me as a customer had they not decided to discontinue the LG VU touchscreen phone. The reps informed me that it will no longer be available and there is no plan for an upgrade. She said that it just couldn't compete with the iPhone. I tend to disagree as there were MANY uproars right in front and behind me at the store. Soooo, I hopped over to Verizon and got the phone that I wanted! :-) Apparently, not all AT&T branches are even in the know that there touchphones are being pulled off the shelf and off the internet....hmmmm?

The cheeseball that I am...I feel so "cool" scrolling up and down on my phone. Now, I just hope it doesn't have too many gliches. And I hope that I can be soft as a ballerina and not drop it. I was smart enough to get an insurance plan....because to buy a new LG Dare is like, $500 {YIKES!}

My advice so far: If you are eligible for an upgrade, do yourself a favor and get a touchscreen! You will never want to go back!

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