Saturday, September 13, 2008

Freak Out

Oh my goodness. GAS. IKE. CRAZINESS. EEK. I was *key word* going to fill up after work. Until I see this! The picture really doesn't give justice to the sheer madness that was going on today at the gas stations. There was actually a huge line behind my car blocking traffic.

Another station across the street...

The road blocked inbound waiting to get in line at the above gas station...

But, I played it smart (so far) and didn't fill up due to panic. As of tonight, prices are falling because people have quit freaking out. I'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow and hope that all of the gas is not bought up.
As the sun sets...I've realized that I am thankful for such a wonderful day.


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Joanna said...

It was just as insane here. Gas was $5 a gallon!

People were breaking out into fights, gas stations were running out of gas and well, the police was directing traffic in and out of the stations.

Pure madness. Luckily we had inside info and got gas on Thursday. : )