Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fabulous Closet Makeover

Inspired by the cluttered disaster of my closet and a day off from work came the idea of doing a makeover! Clutter, clothes, and hangers have always stressed me out. I thought it would be fun to actually design my closet. It is an inexpensive way of creating a getaway and getting organized!

No form of organization what-so-ever. My clothes are all over the place. No wonder I can never find anything and I want to stay as far away as possible!

Pizaaz Tools

- $1 Vinal Tablecloth

- My favorite scrapbook cardstock pages

- Cute Stickers

- Thumbtacks

- Ribbon

- 3 Woven Baskets

- 3 Tin Cans

- 3 Glass Jars

- Ceiling Hanger Hooks

- Labeling Tags

- Metal Shower Curtain Rod

Picture Box Makeover

Adding Scrapbook pages, ribbon, and labeling tags adds character to the once drab black box.

Frazz the Jars

Ribbon always does the trick.


Just because I like it!

I found some old picture frames. Inside a put a glittery bird sticker in the center of a scrapbook page and wa-la.

A Girls Gotta Have Heels

I have a shoe fetish! It is crazy. I ran out of room to store all of my was time for a little creativity. I tacked scrapbook art on my walls. Next, I added wall hooks to hang some of my wedges and heels. And, my stilletos found a new home hanging on hemp string that was hung under my shelving. On the otherside I added my mirror for a backdrop and used an old closet shelf for more heels and it works perfectly.

The metal showerod was used to hang my skirts above the dresser. Hemp string and clothespins hang items that I love, but don't get a lotta lovin' for a display and ease of use. The vinal tablecloth was tacked along the back wall for a pop of color. The nester would be proud of this mis-mistreatment.

A green handbag houses wires, cables, and cords neatly. The picture boxes, tin, and a basket hold odds and ends.

AT LAST! The final masterpiece! The cute jars sit on a white shelf, extra clothes are in the woven baskets, and 'office' supplies are in the tin. Yes, my bras hang on my door - so they are in the way of the picture :)

And the result...

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